Quality meets Style.

Practicality meets Beauty.

Our very own ThunderDrive lineup carries the most practical port variations on the market. Between the Air, Pro, and Max, you are sure to find the most practical hub while matching your MacBook's elegance.

Unbeatable Efficiency.

Each ThunderDrive model comes with our new internal chipset that makes your MacBook run quicker and you battery last longer. M1 MacBooks are no exception.

Fast Connections

High quality stainless steel connections are used carefully connected to braided internal wires.


Braided internal wires directly soldered to the chip makes our hubs some of the most efficient on the market.


Matching stainless steel design across our entire brand and your MacBook shows practicality can be beautiful.


With our new onboard chipset, our hub now run more efficent than ever, especially on battery.

MacBook Hub

The MacBook Hub team is located in Texas. We specialize in providing industry leading, high quality, dependable MacBook accessories. You will always get exceptional customer service. We look forward to helping you find the right MacBook accessory.